TP for non-park day

Is there a way to add a touring plan for a day that we aren’t planning on going to a park? When I go to personalized plans, it won’t let me proceed without selecting one of the 4 parks. I’m trying to get a plan down for our arrival day, resort/pool/DS day, and our departure day. Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

No. Touring plans are to help you tour the parks. They can’t possibly cover everything that someone might want to do on a non-park day. You can put notes in for a day without creating a plan though.

Thank you for the response. I’d been using the Add Note feature to do just that; it was just getting very long and tedious. Thought I’d see if there was a better way that I was missing out on. I appreciate the feedback! : )

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Because most of my trips are quite short (5 or fewer days), I don’t have many “non-park” days, other than arrival and departure. When I do have one, other than any ADRs I might have, I can’t say I do any “planning”; those are days for relaxing and playing it by ear. I may have a short list of “things I want to do if I feel like it”, but nothing more than that.

Although I’m very good at it when I have to be, I’m really not an obsessive planner at heart and look back, nostalgically, at the time when you could decide what you wanted to do the night before (or the day of), get dinner reservations virtually anywhere the day of, and had no FPPs to deal with. WDW is no longer that place.

On our last trip we had 2 non-park days. For our first one we relaxed at AKL and then went over to Sanaa for lunch. We went out to the savanna viewing area and Disney was filming an interview with an Animal Care Specialist. We watched that and then chatted with another CM for most of an hour. After returning to Jambo, we kicked back for awhile and then went for our dinner ADR at Artists Point. On our second one I did the WAT (early) and DW slept in. We relaxed at the resort for the afternoon and then did our V&A Chef’s Table dinner.


I have a spreadsheet with general daily info of my trip to get an overview of what the day will be like, such as shows, opening/closing hours, CL, etc. and that is where I have my arrival and departure day details. (There is still a lot of blank space because I am currently working on more specific plans for each park, but since this spreadsheet is for an overview of each day, I won’t be getting into too many specifics on this one- those will go in the touring plans). Not sure if you want to deal with different formats/ software for your travel plans, but something like this is another way to have that info at a glance.


I love seeing other people’s plans because I get great ideas on things to add to mine. Like the sunset time. I’ve looked it up numerous times, but never thought to add it! Adding it now.

Thanks for sharing!

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I just use the MDE wish list for things I would like to do.

For our last trip for example it had things like:

  • see the wishing well
  • Dapper Dans
  • Casey’s pianist
  • GF band and gingerbread house
  • Visit resorts
  • Coca Cola bear


The only one we missed was the Coca Cola bear. :sob: