TP for MVMCP kinda strange

I used one of the standard TPs for MVMCP and just added a couple of FPPs after 4 PM. But I used the TP as is, just to see what the timing is. It’s telling me that 7DMT at 5:49 PM is only a 35 minute wait. That seems strange to me.

Are guests without party tickets able to actually do attractions after 6 PM as long as they are in line by 6 PM? The TP seems to imply, with the low wait time fro 7DMT at 5:49, that guests without a party ticket cannot ride after 6 PM period.

It’s possible that 7DMT will have around 30 minute wait at that time. People think ride lines are long until after the party starts, but we haven’t always found that to be the case. Sometimes 6-7pm is a sweet spot for hitting headliners like 7DMT and PP. Guests can get in line until 5:59pm with only a regular ticket, but after 6pm only party guests can do the rides.