TP for MK & EMH Opinions

Hi! I am looking for advice again for our MK TP since we are now 11 days out (YAY!!) We have just two park days, one for MK and one for AK. We are choosing to use EMH (AM) at MK and only see noon FOF Parade and Wishes. (Skipping ELP to hit more rides after Wishes).

Does anything stand out as “crazy” to you??? Buzz is giving me a headache (wait seems long) and Meet Disney Pal’s, too. (Same reason)

Rest is intentional. May stay and just wander, shop, eat, enjoy sights, leave, walk to Contemporary for fun. Whatever. Just no TP during that time. Then hit MK in late PM again.

Thoughts? Here’s the link:

Thank you!! =)

I forgot I have this TP, too. Though I do think it had us “popping around” too much. Maybe not…>Will have to peek at it again.

I am guilty of having too many TPs!! :wink:


Hi again! I think it looks good, other than those 2 you mentioned with the waits. You could do Buzz at the end of the night, same with the character meet, but you have to sleep sometime too :smile:.

Hi, Wahoo! Thanks for chiming in again! Maybe I will give that a try and see what happens. The 2nd plan is OK, too. But has a longer wait Meet Mickey Friends again. We also finish sooner w/the 2nd plan. (And btw, I need to stop calling them: Copy of a Copy of a Copy, lol!)

If I keep #1, I can try to move Buzz and Mickey Friends.

If I keep #2, do you think it’s possible this late in the game to get a 4th FPP for Meet Mickey? Or do they not have FPP for that one?

Thanks, again! =)

There doesn’t appear to be FPP for the meet. Mickey in town square does have it and you might be able to get one after your 3rd FPP. You know that the meet you have listed is Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy, right? (no Mickey). Wasn’t sure which characters were priority. I think either TP will be fine. Both of them involve a lot of back and forth in the first few steps, which may make your family grumpy. It can hard, especially for kids, to only ride one thing then head to another area to only ride 1 thing, just to go back to where you started. We tend to stay in a land as the back and forth is really tiring and there is already a ton of walking. MK is huge, and crowds make it so hard to get around. But if you stay in one land, then the waits are growing in other places, so it really is a trade off.

Nope. Didn’t know that. We do have a FPP for Mickey in AK. And Minnie is at the one I do have listed, right? Wait…you did have that above. :wink:

For your circus meet and greet if you want to do all 4 Im sure you you need to put the attraction in twice as its 2 seperate queues one for each pair and the waits get long. You do one set then exit via shop the go around front and back rejoin the queue for the opposite side. A bit like fairytale hall and meeting A&E then the other 2 princesses.Wait times do get up to 60 mins each side.

I had no idea about this, since we don’t really do meet and greets anymore. Thanks for that info to help @DarcySteele. Another way to get in a bunch of characters without having to wait, is by doing a character meal. You can usually get 4-5 characters out of the way in an hour to hour and a half, as well as getting your tummy filled. Other than the Talking Mickey FPP and A&E meet we did last April (and waited an hour for), the only way my kids see characters is at the character meals. Just a tip on case you take another trip soon!
ETA:I now see that you are going to CRT, missed that earlier. So that definitely gets your princesses out of the way. Now to just find a Chef Mickey reservation for dinner (or the night before) and you won’t have to wait for any of the Fab 5 at MK.

I have been tweaking a little. Well…Really, I just copied the plan, and reoptimized. I had to tweak the PM rest a teeny bit for ETWB FPP to work; but we will have a good, long (amost) 3 hr break to do whatever we want.

Only concern is that if we do as directed in plan, we will arrive a teeny bit late to CRT, and I don’t think we should arrive late to that. Is there something we can move from AM time before CRT to the afternoon (that won’t matter too much)? Or something we can ride with little to no wait during our “rest” in the PM time (that I can move from the AM time?)


Here’s the newest link:

*REmove from the AM time. =)