TP for Dummies?

Any links to something like, “Touring Plans for Dummies?” I’m a new user and very overwhelmed here. We’re big Disney fans and have always relied on Ridemax, but it didn’t work well last year, so we’ve decided to try TP for our trip next week (although getting worried about everyone down there with Irma). I’m trying to understand why TP is suggesting I get multiple FP when the first in the priority for my personalized plan is Fantasmic, so I can only get 1 FP that day. I miss the old days of Classic Disney- no fast passes, cheaper tickets! :wink:

For what its worth… if you are new to Touring Plans I highly suggest reading The Unofficial Guide. It really does an excellent job laying out the importance of touring plans and all the components of making the most efficient use of your time and money.

I have used both the kindle version and print version and both are easy to read. In essence it is the starting place for this wonderful online community.

The book does an excellent job discussing the FastPass Plus strategies and why the authors recommend certain FPP over others.

Just my two cents worth!

In the Touring Plans site there are step by step directions and videos


You might want to try a Fantasmic dinner package if its within you budget. then no worries about a FP for it.

Agreeing with what others have said. Especially to use the step by step guide link by @PrincipalTinker.

However you can still book 3 at DHS; you can book Fantasmic as your tier1 fastpass and another 2 tier-2 fastpasses, like Star Tours and a show or RnR.
Make sure you enter the number of fastpasses you would like in the plan as well, and then “force it to use your fps” under advanced options.

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