TP estimates for Hagrid's...can they be believed?

Yes…the time we’re going, CLs are relatively low (second full week of May). But even if the wait is twice that, it still made more sense to add that extra time in the afternoon to save time in the morning on Hagrid’s and FOTH.

Is there still an advantage of doing EE at USF and then taking HE to ride Hagrids when IOA opens?

I don’t know from experience, but looking at the numbers, I would say so. Hitting Hagrid’s at park opening still has lower wait times than waiting until later in the day. So, if you do EE at USF to ride a couple things with the low crowds, and then head over…even if you’re behind the RD crowd from IOA itself, you’ll still be ahead of most people.

But, again…just conjecture.

There is no advantage, in fact you are a leg behind everyone at the park entrance of IOA.


No, that’s never been an advantage. It doesn’t start running till IOA opens and you’ll have to go to the back of the RD queue.


Thanks for the feedback. Not really what I wanted to hear :laughing:

The question isn’t really about if it is the best idea for Hagrid’s alone, but whether you can take advantage of it in general.

If EE gets you on two or thee rides without the long waits, and THEN gets you to Hagrid’s just behind the RD crowds, you might still end up being better off in general. You might just RD IOA and do Hagrid’s, but then you’ll only get a single ride done versus potentially several.

So, it really depends on your larger plans.

True, but if you are behind the RD crowd in this particular instance for Hagrid, you might be better off waiting until the afternoon sweet spot to ride it because the line builds quickly in the morning. You could very possibly end up waiting longer for Hagrid when you could be doing shorter lines at other rides around the park, thus ending up with an overall net longer wait time than if you had done RD at IOA and gone right to Hagrid.

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That’s where looking at the data for the particular day matters.

In the day we plan to go, for example, RD Hagrid wait time is 40 minutes.

Thirty minutes later, the Hagrid wait time is 50 minutes. So, you save 10 minutes getting ahead of RD crowd…so if you used EE at USF first, and then hit Hagrid after RD crowd, it is only losing out on 10 minutes, compared to saving a lot more than that using EE in USF.

But other days, the data might paint a different picture entirely.

That is absolutely true! But, of course, the data is fairly flexible, so I think it’s a crapshoot no matter what! And that pretty much sums up riding Hagrid in a nutshell!

While Hagrid’s was our favorite ride, it did break down every single day (sometimes more than once) while we were there in December. It is a very technologically sophisticated ride so rebooting it, and getting it back online can take them significant time sometimes. Perhaps, that might account for why sometimes the wait times get backed up compared to the touring plans times?

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