TP during F&W?

Is there a recommended way to create a touring plan for a day at Epcot during the Food & Wine Festival? Or should we just have a very loose outline for that day? We want to combine rides and experiences to keep our kids interested, but they will absolutely not care about any of the food or wine we will want to wait for. Any suggestions?

How old are your kids and what do they like to do? We had a touring plan for the morning through early afternoon that included stopping at the F&W kiosks in Future World for lunch. During the rest of the day we toured the countries and snacked around the World. We played Agent P and added in The 3 Caballeros to keep my son (4) interested.

My girls are 10 and almost 7. They will probably do the Agent P thing together (they’ve done it when they were younger), but I just know that won’t hold their interest for long. Hopefully some of the cultural things around the World Showcase will start to pique their interest. I like the idea of a morning touring plan and then going from there…

Perhaps the Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak scavenger hunt could be an idea? This lets you wander around the World Showcase while the kids have something to do in each country.

As far as touring plans go, I would start with Future World and move on to World Showcase once you’ve done the attractions you’re interested in. If you’re relying on Fastpasses to speed things up you could always rope drop Test Track, have a Fastpass for Frozen Ever After around the time you plan to get to World Showcase (plus two other Fastpasses in the morning) and then get 4th Fastpasses for Soarin’ as soon as you’ve tapped in to Frozen. You could then go on Soarin’ on your way out of the park (unless you’re planning to view IllumiNations, in which case you’d have to double back to Soarin’ at some point before then). We’ve never had a problem getting Soarin’ Fastpasses later in the day - in fact we don’t bother pre-booking it at all anymore.

Also touring Epcot during food and wine event with DD2 and DS6. Wondering how to get them interested in world showcase

My wife and I will be doing our third F&W festival this year. Our plan with our DD3 and DD5 is this, we have an ADR for garden grill at 8:00am for 4. We are going to eat and then RD and do as much as we can without touching the world showcase before lunch(except for Frozen Ever After). We plan to be out of the park by 1:00pm. Take the kids back to the resort and some pool time until our pre scheduled “in room sitter” arrives. At 3:30 we will leave the children with in room sitting and go back to Epcot on our own to do the world show case and enjoy F&W festival until closing time.

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