TP DL Reservation Finder

Someone on chat found this link to a TP dining reservation finder for DL. Is this new? Is it operational? Disneyland Dining Reservation Finder


Nice! I’ve never seen it before.

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For science I added two reservations I actually want for a mid December trip (that I am also using another service to help find). It’s still too far out to search, but once it does come up, I’ll report back on if it ever sends me anything.

I also submitted 2 requests for my trip next week, but it might be too late to get either. But if I do I’ll let everyone know.

My 60 days for the start of my trip just opened up & I checked on my 2 reservations in the TP Res Finder & the status has updated to “Search Active. Not yet checked.” I manually checked them and neither of my 2 restaurants have opened up any dining times yet. So I’ll be checking again tomorrow.

I also have another free service checking (Mouse Dining with 6 free alerts). Of the 6 that I set in there, 4 of them were for my first day and only 1 of the 4 had dropped times on time at 60 days. So I made that rez & will now get back to bed. :zzz: