TP Dining Plan Calculator

I just stumbled upon this little tool and it’s telling me that we’d be wise to go with a DP for our upcoming trip BUT it’s also estimating QS costs around $40 a meal it looks like which seems high. Has anyone tested this tool IRL??

I heave looked at it a couple of times. Usually before I decide if I am going to add the dining plan I run this and compare it to a couple of others. I think $25 is about the max I expect at a QS.

The comparison is based on buying larger dollar items and all the options (drink, snacks, etc). Generally this is why many people find the dining plan to not be worth it. it requires you be careful about what you pick to make it worth it and get all the food.


I used this tool and also did a spreadsheet on my own. I loved looking through the menus. I saw that I would save a bit more than the calculator did.

Thanks to all! It’s funny because I priced it out a while back assuming cost for four nights (we’re there 2/5-2/9) but we don’t get in until after midnight on the 5th (technically the 6th) and I couldn’t get the math to work for the cost of food we’d be eating over 3.5 days/paying for 4 nights worth. BUT I never was able to get all of my DVC rooms in the same category due to lack of availability so we have the first night in one room and the last three in another. So, I re-ran the calculations based on a 3 night DDP cost and it might actually save us money. We will spend all 9 of our meal credits on 5 meals (Topolino’s breakfast, Tiffins dinner, Narcoossee’s dinner, Le Cellier brunch and Flying Fish dinner) and get great value from our snack credits with FARTS snacks!