TP Day

When you are finally in the park using the TP, how does it work? how do you track what you have completed vs not? And how do you re-evaluate if you get off track?

Use the Lines app on your smartphone.

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Oh I see! Thank you so much!

If you don’t want to have your phone out all the time you could do it the old fashioned way and print the plans out. A slightly higher tech way that would allow you to stay in airplane mode (maybe save your battery, or be off the grid) would be to enter each step into your phone’s calendar and switch to daily task view, maybe with notifications for FPP and/or ADRs.

I’m a total nerd and back in the days before Lines and MagicBands I would transfer my itinerary to Excel, and make a printable that fit into a pin lanyard pocket, which was where I kept my Key to the World card as well. Another idea is to print it fairly small, and then use the 3M pocket laminates that come with luggage tag straps… they’re inexpensive and come 3 or 4 to a pack so you could do one for each day.

  1. I follow the app on my phone for about 2 hours then I get sick of looking at my phone all the time rather than basking in the awesome Disney happening around me.
  2. Then I pull my crumpled up print-out out of my pocket and usually follow it fairly closely for another few hours.
  3. If we deviate, I use the “Parks” part of the app on my phone to at least keep track of wait times at different rides and help decide where to head next.

Use the Lines app and “select your plan” so you can get to it easily. Depending on how crowded the park is, you might want to optimize after lunch or so. Also consider posting some wait times so you grab badges! Have fun!!

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