TP can be a challenge!

Will you be adding features to choose show/parade times and viewing locations anytime in the near future? I’ve gotten around the location thing by putting in a restaurant and reservation time, but I would think it more appropriate to select what I’m actually doing in my plan. Also, is there anyway to choose where I want to go at RD, and then have it “stuck” in place, so the technology can work its magic around my wants. For example, I’d like to begin in Adventureland at BTMR and Splash rather than Space Mtn in Tomorrowland. I know I can do this manually but then I lose the ability to optimize in the park. Thanks! Love your TPs otherwise!! @Lentesta

Hi @pennellt. Len can be emailed at

If you want to be at a specific section of the park at a specific time, put in a meal break for the closest restaurant and schedule it for 15 minutes (or less).

For example, if you want to start at Big Thunder (Frontierland, technically) … Try adding a meal at 9:05am at Westward Ho Refreshments (it’s the closest food cart I could see on Wikimapia to Big Thunder).