TP at AK morning, RD, confused on Gorilla Falls Trail

Trying to understand the time spent on the Gorilla Falls Trail. My TP says wait of 38 minutes, 20 minute duration at 8:22 AM on a 9 AM park opening. I used the trick of putting a meal at 8:05 AM (park opens 9 AM that day) to try to get us in the park since we will RD. Questions are:

  1. Why is it giving me a 38 minute wait during rope drop? I think I’ve confused the system.
  2. Is there ever really a wait with Gorilla Falls Trail before 10 AM?
  3. How can I trick the TP plan into only spending 25 minutes at the Gorilla Falls trail so I can get the evaluate option to be helpful again? Right now it’s throwing off everything since it thinks I’m spending so much time at GFTrail.

If I am understanding right you are trying to do it before it opens.

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Because it opens at 9 ?

No wait there when it’s open. You can put a ‘‘break’’ instead of putting GFT and put in whatever time you want but if I remember correctly (not sure about this though, would have to try it) you can edit the time for GFT…

@jflaff, you must be right.
@krwatkins, actually I don’t want to do GFTrail before or at 9. I was trying to RD something else… I guess TP doesn’t allow RD at all? Let me play with this some more and just not include the RD attraction maybe.

OK, you called it… it’s just that it doesn’t allow it to open before 9 AM on the dot, hence the wait. I’m going to search for likely RD time spent on FoP and go from there. I think I’m getting the hang of how to manipulate the TP system to get me started as needed. Thanks all.

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A popular approach to RD on TP is to simply not include the rope drop ride and instead include a 15-30 minute break or meal at the start of plan. For FOP you could include a 30 minute break at the start, or include a 30 minute meal at Satu’li which will then tell the TP where you are (geographically) in the park.

The TPs don’t really account for RD since there is so much variation depending on the day. If you have not done rope drop before, you might consider having an alternative plan just putting FOP in your plan wherever TP says to put it. That way on your day, you can choose according to what actually happens with your rope drop experience.

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Gorilla Falls is lovely early in the am. If you get there right as it opens, it will be worth it. I do it all the time when the family is on KS. Usually, it’s just me there.

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Thanks going to use this method. Got a FP for FOP but I hear it is so good want to try RD also.

If RD plans fall through, might be hitting the trail early!

That sounds like a good plan. If you make RD, then do SB for FoP because, yes, you will want to do it more than once! Also, try for a same day FP for FoP. We have always had good luck with those. If you arrive right at 9 for the Gorilla Falls trail, you might ask a cast member at the entrance (if you see any) if Grace the baby is out yet. When we were there in Sept and Nov, they said she often didn’t get released until 9:30 or so. But she is older now, so maybe not a concern.

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