TP arrival times weirdness

I’ve created a personalized touring plan, and I’m getting the “The plan may have you arriving at a show, meal or break a little later than you’d prefer, but probably close enough.” message, but I can’t quite figure out why:

Why is it giving me an arrival time for MRRF 3 minutes before showtime if I have 25 minutes of “free time” after the parade? I know that really it doesn’t matter that much, since I’ll be watching the parade from Frontierland/Liberty Square and then following it across the bridge to the hub area for the show, but it’s kind of throwing me off a bit.

Because you don’t need to show up more than 5 minutes before to get a good spot at Royal Faire.


Maybe it is because it doesn’t know where you’ll be watching the parade? Just a guess, but don’t know why it wouldn’t be in the walking time then.

As long as you understand it, i wouldn’t worry about it.

TP really wants you to be at each break / meal / show 10 minutes before it starts. Just make sure there are no other breaks/ meals / shows arriving with less than 10 minutes or were “optimized / shuffled” to a time past your request. I’ve made multiple plans where I couldn’t see why I kept getting this message. I’ve handed it off to my DW for a second set of eyes and she finds it. Sometimes a second set of eyes helps or meticulously go over each steps starting & arrival times.

Not sure why there is 25 minutes of free time. E-mail and give them the plan URL - they are usually quick at getting to the bottom of these things.

Does it matter if it’s free time in between or wait time until show starts? Either way you have a buffer. Call it a snarflepause if you like. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My TP has always just given me 3 minutes no matter where or when I put MRFF. I truly believe it’s because they don’t feel you need to arrive earlier. As others have said, that 25 minutes isn’t enough to fit in anything else anyway.