TP and ILL$$ glitch

Since “the hack” is now defunct I am back to making my Touring Plans. When I optimized my HS plan it did not use my MMRR ILL$$. I got the old FPP message about not using my ILL (FP) because it wasn’t necessary or would be better to use it at a different time. But now there is no option to force it to be used. I’d like to be able to use Optimize when in the park so I need that ILL$$ to stick. (It has me getting in line late evening but I’m hoping to have 1-2 LL stacked for evening so that won’t work).


Force a entry at an eatery near the ride you have a LL for, and stick in the time as right in the middle of that LL time window. (Add a note indicating it is for the ride instead of the food!). Then, when you optimize it should keep the eatery in the timeslots and work everything else around it.

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