TP and Hall of Presidents

I thought I read somewhere that the Hall of Presidents show runs every 1/2 hour, so there are two shows one at the hour mark and one at the 1/2 mark. However, TP has us arriving at 12:39, waiting 11 mins, and getting out at 1:13…in time for the 1:25 Muppets show. But if the Hall of Presidents show actually doesn’t start until 1 PM, then we will miss some of the Muppets Show, correct?

I know that the HOP shows approximately every 30 min, but I can’t confirm that it’s exactly on the hour and half hour. And if the cycle time was actually 33 min, then the start time would shift by 6 min every hour… Personally, I would plan on seeing the Muppets first and then going in to see HOP.


It’s on every 23 minutes according to the TP app, but I thought it was on the hour and half hour too.

Just returned from the World last night, and we did the Hall of Presidents at MK. According to the sign out front, it starts on the hour and the half hour (and for us it started precisely on the hour). I believe the show runs about 20 to 25 minutes. So you may just be able to make the 1:25pm Muppet show, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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Thank You! That is what I thought.