TP allows for Mickey & Minnie runaway railway FP to be put in plans

Could they know something we don’t??

Apparently MFSR is now a Tier 1 FP option along with SDD starting with February 19. The others have been moved to Tier 2. Quick … Go see if you can change your FPs if you have an upcoming trip!

Edit: Corrected Feb 29 to Feb 19 after reading the reply below.

Yes. I’m not at my FP day yet. But this is about Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway. Not MFSR :blush:

Ah … I sure read that wrong … sorry!

I don’t think anyone knows yet when there will be a FP option for MMRR (even the mostly all knowing TP).

But they ARE allowing me to make a FP selection for it on my TP. So my wait for MMRR on my TP went from 125 minutes to 9. Wondering why they’d do that if they don’t know something. But even if they don’t know anything, their hopefulness makes me hopeful! :slight_smile:

Feb 19th I think is the date, was earlier anyway

I just edited topic as I think the abbreviation was causing confusion :blush: