TP adjustment needed

Hello all,

My time here to pester you all for your wealth of knowledge is drawing to a close - we leave tomorrow! So here’s one of my last questions - thanks so much for all the wonderful help everyone has provided up to this point.

Thanks to my constant reclicking on the BOG ADR site, I was just able to score a reservation for this Sunday 3-19 at 1:20 pm. Here was my original TP for that day:

You can see that this is over 2 hours later than the original lunch plan at CHH. The main issue is that our FPPs for Peter Pan and 7DMT are locked in - there’s nothing available earlier (or at all). How would you recommend I adjust my plans?

Here are my plans for Day 2 MK if anyone wants to get really crazy and start switching days on stuff.
I might cancel that Plaza reservation to plug in CHH now.


I’ll bite, I love a last minute challange! Keep first plan as is, after It’s a Small World, head over to Adventureland and get the Dole Whip then, this will help tide you over the extra time until lunch. Then head out to Tom Sawyer Island. This will fill the time until your fastpass at Peter Pan (I would ride it around 12:10 or 12:15 to give you plenty of time at Tom Sawyer Island). Ride 7D as soon as that FPP opens. Afterwards, Haunted Mansion and then BOG at 1:20. Pre-order your food anytime before Sunday (link is next to your ADR in MDE) to avoid the long line. How’s that sound? You will probably have extra time in your plan after Haunted Mansion, but based on the crowds being reported this week, you will probably need it. Have a great trip!

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