TP actual walking speeds

I’m interested in being able to gauge how fast the different walking speeds are in TP during lower crowd volume times for reference. Below is a link to a Google walking map I created from the entrance of Dinosaur to the FastPass entrance of Kilimanjaro Safari. Ignore the fact that it says Primeval Whirl on one end and just look at the actual endpoints of the map. You can even take it down to street view to see where you are if you don’t believe me LOL. One end is at the entrance to Dinosaur and the other at the entrance to KS. Google maps calls this distance 0.4 miles. So my question… is this the same basic starting and end points that TP would use? Roughly anyway? TP has this walking time (early morning on an EMH day) at 14 minutes for “average”. That’s a pace of 35 minutes per mile. Just wondering whether it’s reasonable to assume that TP also considers that distance to be about 0.4 miles. Note: I’m not interested in factoring in higher crowds etc… just distance vs the time TP says it will take to walk somewhere at an average pace during low crowd times.,-81.5882475/28.3591932,-81.592178/@28.3567803,-81.5914542,17.49z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2

In the forum, a similar question was asked earlier this year and len reported that average speed was about “3 mph” or a 20 min/mile. If that is the case, then 0.4 miles should be 8 minutes not adjusting for crowds. TP supposedly calculates walk time from one attraction until the queue or FPP scan site at the next attraction (or at least that what I thought) so if that is the case, your distance measurement should be reflected. So, I’m not really sure how the 14 min you see on your TP is calculated if crowds would not be a factor during early EMH.

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Yeah, I was surprised too. I’d seen that the consensus around here seemed to be 20 minute miles for average… Not sure where the disconnect is. TP definitely has me walking 14 minutes point-to-point at 8:36 AM. Surely they can’t be considering the crowd level to be that high at that time. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s a disconnect on the distance TP uses vs the map I created.

Edit: To be honest, 20 minute miles sounds a tad fast to me for inside a theme park. I feel like the pace my calculations arrived at seems a little more realistic for “average”. 3mph is kinda truckin along for “average”.

Very interesting, I have often wondered about that as well.

Personally I put the slowest walking speed available in all my TPs, just to be on the safe side. I don’t want to have to power walk to keep with the plan or have to tell my kid he can’t stop and look at stuff or something. It also gives me a buffer for bathroom breaks and unplanned character encounters and such.


I’m basically doing that too, in general, but I still like to know for reference. Additionally, I have a couple of times where I only plan to be in the park for about 3 hours and maybe 8 or 9 rides tops and I am definitely curious about how quickly I might knock out some highly desired rides in a shorter morning session.

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Just a quick update if anyone’s interested. I’ve run a couple other walking maps with slightly mixed results. But one thing is consistent… I absolutely cannot get TP moving me at a 20 minute/mile pace for average, as has been suggested. Here’s the couple others:

Rock/Roll coaster to Toy Story mania 8:21 AM on an EMH Sunday in October - 0.3 miles by Google walking map - 11 minutes by TP for a 36.7 min/mile pace.

Slinky Dog to Tower of Terror at 10 AM on an EMH Sunday in October - 0.4 miles by Google walking map - 11 minutes by TP for a 27.5 min/mile pace.

7DMT to Space MTN at 9:36 AM on a Tuesday in October - 0.2 miles by Google walking map - 5 minutes by TP for a 25 min/mile pace.

Space MTN to Big Thunder at 10 AM on a Tuesday in October - 0.4 miles by Google walking map - 11 minutes by TP for a 27.5 min/mile pace.

Like I said… mixed results. But I definitely don’t feel like the “average” pace TP uses is a 20 minute mile. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… that just seems too fast for “average”… at least by what I think to be common sense.

OK… I’ve satisfied myself on this topic. I’ll shut up now. Until after I get back :joy:

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Maybe TP should add another number after the point before rounding up…

For example, if RnRC - TSM is actually 0.34 miles and SDD - ToT is actually 0.36 (which would make sense geographically), the discrepancy could be explained by use of imprecise numbers.

Now that I proved to the entire world how big of a dork I am, I will sit quietly in shame for a few minutes… :nerd_face:

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Oh, I feel quite confident I could take the “biggest dork” contest in a landslide. Heck… typing biggest dork just made me laugh like my 10 year old because of the old whale reference which isn’t actually true.

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