TP ? 7DMT wait time accurate

MK 9am opening, we have 8am BOG reservation and plan to ride 7DMT right after we eat. TP shows 45 minute wait time at 8:40am. I thought we’d be there early enough to have little or no wait. Crowd level is 3. Is 45 minutes accurate wait time? If no, how can I make TP show it correctly? Thanks

The plan is including the 20 minute wait before RD. You should get a ride or 2 in before RD, unless there is Early Morning Magic - either way you’re not going to wait that long. I’d put a 15 min break in at 9am and note that it’s to ride 7DMT.

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We did that in February on a CL 8 day and waited less than 5 minutes.

thanks for the help! Only my 2nd trip as Planer in Chief. appreciate your replies.