Toy Story Midway Mania FP+ Early June

I have just recently become aware that HS has been working on the TSMM queue, and as such FP+ will be cut for most of April and some of May, at least according to articles I have read. I have a trip booked from May 30 - June 6th, and assumed I wouldn’t be affected by this.

My 60 day window opened this morning, and to my surprise there were zero FP+ available for TSMM. It’s not even the first day of my trip. What’s the latest regarding the queue closures, and what might be causing this?


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Fast pass will not open till sometime in May. A lot of people think you can reserve them for May but I think that is when you can start reserving them.

They have not announced when FPs will be available or if the attraction will shut down prior to TSL opening.

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I posted earlier on another thread, but he’s the gist of it.

Those who have bought the extra CL fastpasses haven’t been able to book almost into July (they have a 90 day window).

But WDWMagic are reporting that fastpasses will become available again after May 7th. It’s possible they may not open booking until the work is almost complete, just so they don’t have to start cancelling FPs for guests.

All you can do is watch for FPs opening up. As soon as they do though, there will be one heck of a scramble for them! :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the replies. That makes sense.