Toy Story Mania with 1 year old

Is it possible to bring a 1 year old on Toy Story Mania? Has anybody done that?

I did it at DCA. He was 21 mo. No problems.

Hold on the the little one between games. The cars can be pretty jerky and quick as they move around

We did it in May. My son was 13 mos. It is a little jerky. My little one wasn't a fan. One parent has to commit to holding the baby to make sure she / he doesn't get bumped too much.

Saw a mom and infant (about 8 months old) about 3 weeks ago. Baby started the ride asleep and woke up mid way through - crying. Poor thing probably had no idea what was going on. Mom seemed to do okay on the ride, but as others have said, very jerky between games.

Thanks everyone for the responses!

I held my then 11 month old on this. He loved it. Im planning to go back and wear my new will be 16 month old, and hold my now 3 year old and let my 5 year old sit with my husband.

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I took my 18 month old. She loved it. I agree, hold on tight between games:). Planning on bringing my 15 month old this time.