Toy Story Land - TP Lying?

Ok, I think touring plans is lying to me.

I plan on being in HS on Saturday 7/7 (CL - 6?). I thought this was crazy, I thought I would no way in hell get on SDC or ASS, or TSM. But my TP says I can do all three plus TOT, RNR, and Star Tours in 2.5 hours. Yes it’s rope dropping, but still?

Anyone have any info about why TP thinks this is possible, and If I should believe it. FOP wait still can be 2 hours, and I have a hard time believing that TS will be different.

Any thoughts?

Yea. I had the same issue. Without a FP it’s telling me that SDD is 14 minute wait and Alien (cant bring myself to do acronymn) is 12 without fp but thats a crowd level 1 day. My plan is telling me to get fp for TSM??? Having a hard time believing this

There is no available data for the TSL rides so the software is estimating based on the crowd level and the type of ride. It won’t be reliable for those rides for a long time.


agreed and planning on getting FP for SDD instead

Why can’t they put a place holder in for a bit… like 2 hours each? Had I not known about Pandora i would have been expecting to be at the pool by noon!

I’d guess that’s not how the software is set up, and they also don’t know how long the waits will be, so how long a placeholder would need to be.

It probably would be worthwhile if the software prompted the user to enter an estimated wait time since historical data is not available rather than offer an uneducated guess.

For EMH on 7/19, it is predicting 5 minute waits for both Slinky Dog and Aliens for the first hour.

I put in a half hour break after each one just to make a guess at a more realistic plan.

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Except that if the user put in the wrong estimated waiting time and the rest of their day was messed up, I’m sure they would blame TP. I’m not a computer person, I have no idea how to best get round this.

I’m a software engineer by profession. I can’t help but think about it! :slight_smile:


I have my touring plans set up with my fast passes for the end of July. I plan to reevaluate these plans a week after Toy Story Land opens to get a realistic idea of the wait times.

But we have historical data on pandora opening, can’t we apply that to the opening of Toy Story Land? I’m expecting similar things.

You could assume that the waits will be similar, but if they’re not then you’re still left with an inaccurate plan. I don’t know what the capacities of each of the rides is, but if you’re assuming they are equally popular, so 10,000 people are heading there at RD, but one can shift 3000 riders per hour and the other only 500, then the wait times aren’t going to be the same.

I’m sure that there are plenty of machine learning algorithms that could be applied to find a reasonable guess that involves things like historical openings of similar ride types based on ride capacity and day of week, etc.

But in the short term, I was just imagining that it would make sense to just offer the ability to the user that the ride time isn’t accurate and allow them to set it themselves.


Also, Pandora and TSL will likely appeal to very different populations, so I don’t think it would be an accurate comparison. I know many families with young children skip Pandora completely. And I’ve heard of others planning to skip TSL. Plus, many people want to ride FOP multiple times.

Summary point, I think the lands are so different that it would be an apples to oranges comparison. TP is quite scientific in their approach to data so I don’t think it’s a comparison they would make.


I think the issue is that the TP Optimiser uses an alogorithm to determine wait times, using historical data.

To change it for specific rides might involve some very cumbersome programming, that then needs to be removed at some point. It may be that both processes (the adding of the over-ride code, and the removal) is just not possible without disruption to the software.

@lentesta, care to comment?

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You would think that they could put an asterisk, just to let you know that it is not an accurate time.

Well all the times on plans are only estimated, they are not necessarily accurate, so you’d need an asterisk next to all of them!

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I was just trying to make a suggestion sorry if you don’t like it.