Toy Story Land Slinky Dog

Hello! I’m wondering, has anyone heard if they will have single rider option for Slinky Dog ride? Thank you in advance!

I haven’t heard but I doubt it very much. Only 3 rides have single rider - TT, RnRC and EE. FOP had a sign when it opened but they never used the line and the sign has since been removed.

Flight may not have a completely separate single rider line, but when you get to the point after the lab where you’re sent up the rows to be sorted into your rooms, in my experience the 2 middle rows are where they send the single riders. So they do have it…but not for the full line.

It is terrifying on RnRC because the area you’re funneled into gets so crowded - one time I was on it and they ended up filling a train with single riders (maybe 2 trains) just to clear out the area. (And at least the last time I rode it, they had extra CMs making sure that there were truly 2 people in each car because they figured out that they were loading and launching trains so quickly people in odd numbered parties were lying about how many there were and with the curve of the loading the CM sending people through didn’t catch it in time so empty seats were going as the single rider area got dangerously crowded.)

Everest has the best single rider - I’ve never had it take more than 15 minutes if that.

As others have indicated there is no single rider line. Everytime we rode it, CMs were matching up odds though so that cars typically weren’t going out empty at all.

Yes, this is correct and it’s a real time saver. One time the CM thought I was with a group ahead of me and directed me to a very long line. After a while I realised the one next to me was the SR line and I went back to the checkpoint to tell the CM I was an SR. He redirected me to the SR line which only had one other person in it and I was pretty much a walk-on at that point.