Toy Story Land Opening Date?


Our family is planning our first trip to the World since '14 and we’re planning it for the end of May 2018… and based on rumor research, my hope is that Toy Story Land will open the Saturday before Memorial Day: 5/26/18.

Anybody well connected out there that has a better idea on the exact opening date?

Do you think they will do a “rolling” or “soft” opening? Those of you who were around the first week Pandora opened, what was your experience with that?

Thanks Liners!


I haven’t seen more than May on any sites, but you’re probably right.

Pandora only had passholder openings from what I remember.


Thanks @missoverexcited. I know we’ll get more info soon… I just hate waiting.


Fairly reliable “insider” rumors are all pointing to Memorial Day weekend for official opening. Still a huge question mark regarding what kind of “soft openings”, previews, etc prior to the official opening.


If Disney gives a date, it will change. Pandora had soft opening for AP. Teating before opening phase.


I agree with @gabmom. If you’re trying to time your trip for the opening, you may be disappointed. If seeing Toy Story Land is a priority, you may want to wait a few months.


Unfortunately there are other issues at play on the dates we chose (last chance before DS2 turns 2 and DD9 turns 10.) The dates are booked, and I’m just praying that the rumors are true and our trip corresponds with the opening of TSL.

Thanks for all the feedback, y’all. As we find out more, let’s keep this thread updated.


We were there last year the week before Pandora was scheduled to open. There was no “soft” opening for anyone except passholders and then I believe it gave them a window of days and times they would be allowed in.


DVC members had access to the Pandora previews as well. Not sure whether that makes any difference to the OP, but thought I’d mention it anyway.


There are two points of comparison - and they were very different. New Fantasyland had extensive “soft openings” (7DMT was in full operations for several weeks prior to the “official” opening) and very few “closed” previews. Pandora had quoite a few “closed” previews, but NO general “soft openings”. Because of the HUGE interest, I’m sure SWL will follow the Pandora model when it opens in a couple of years. TSL is much smaller in scope and quite frankly will not draw as much interest as the other two “big” lands, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they follow more of the NFL model.


Just saw a cool video of leaked footage of the Slinky Dog Dash coaster actually in action. Take a look!


Very cool thank you…I have a feeling employees may get their phones taken away next time they test it lol
Arriving memorial day weekend so hope it opens then. It’s our first visit staying off site so long queues for us!