Toy Story entrance

Did they move the entrance to Toy Story when they opened Toy Story Land? Is it now around the other side or can you still enter through the old door?

Also, where’s the exit?

Yes it’s moved. You enter on the other side now. The original entrance is blocked

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Exit is around the side? Of the building. The path takes you back near where the new entrance is

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Thanks. That makes sense, but my TP is taking me to TSM, then out and back in again for AS Saucers, so I was hoping the walk was like it used to be.

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I’m not following. It’s taking you back into the ride?

No. Out to ABC Commissary, then back to AS Saucers. I’ll just switch and do the saucers before we leave TS Land.

Don’t go to the ABC Commissary, that’s crazy! Clearly a glitch (sorry, Vanellope). When you exit TSM, you are right by Woody’s LunchBox. Turn left for Alien Saucers, which is in the back of ToyStory Land ( where, I think it seems, Stars Wars Galaxy Edge will exit into ToyStory Land once it opens), Right now Toy Story Land is a self-contained area. Once you are there, if you want to do all the rides, greets, a experiences just stay right in there.


I agree.

Would love to see the plan!