Toy Story EMM question (for people who've done it)

Rather than rope dropping HS, which sounds other than fun to me, I’ve decided to EMM it instead.

As I understand it, you get from 7-9am exclusively, before the RD crowd muscle in.

Wasteful as this sounds, I don’t know that I want to be getting up at crazy early o’clock, so my plan is to treat it as an early rope drop and show up at, say, 8am.

How much action can I expect to achieve in that time? I’m thinking I’d want to do at least two SDDs, one TSMM, one ASS, and a photo with Woody.


When I attended, it was from 7:30-8:45. I believe they started letting everyone in around 7:15. We did all three rides twice and met Buzz. While meeting Buzz, the horde of people who were rope dropping were being dramatically allowed in. Cast members were screaming for all of us to get to the side. I’ve never seen anything like it and was very glad I had booked EMM. We ate breakfast after, which you have until 10:00.


That sounds close to doable except maybe Woody, but it’s really more like 7:20-8:50 for ride access. Woody’s line got long pretty fast. We had a 5 minute wait around 7:35am. This is the line at 8:05am:

We started where the kid and dad were in red shirts towards the front. The line bends to the right there. I’m guessing this is a 20-30 minute line and it was way longer by the end of EMM.

I think if you could get there by 7:30/7:45, meet Woody and then do the rest (AS2, TSMM, then SDD) you’d be in much better shape.

If Woody isn’t a must, then you could very easily do the rest of the list and more.


I remember the line for Woody and Jessie being very long the entire time. We did not attempt to meet them because of this.

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The rides definitely look doable.

When we did TSL EMM in February, it was advertised as 7:30-8:45. We were let back to TSL around 7:25 and did TSMM first. I also did 3 SDD and 2 Aliens. DD8 and my niece managed 4 SDD and 1 Aliens. We also all squeezed in one last TSMM right at 8:45ish. I even sat at one point for a couple of minutes with DD5 for a coffee and a granola bar (they had a station set up in TSL).

I will say that the line for Woody and Jessie seemed prohibitively long during the whole of EMM, though we didn’t attempt it.

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We went in February. Between 8-9 we rode AS once, TSM once and Slinky four times. So, I’d say what you want to do as far as rides goes is reasonable.

Lines for Woody and Jesse were long the whole time. I think that’ll be the only thing that may take you considerable time to accomplish.

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As others mentioned, the Woody/Jessie line was long…like the longest line the entire time. If that’s a priority, I would recommend sucking it up for 7:30a arrival and doing that as soon as they’re out. We waited thinking maybe the initial line would die down and we could circle back to them, but it just didn’t work out. The rides themselves were walk-ons. We are going back next Wednesday so if something drastic has changed, I’ll post it.


Thanks for your advice, everybody. I think my priority is rides — SDD in particular — so maybe I’ll try the line for Woody later in the day when I don’t have EMM advantage with rides.

Second question: I’m on the deluxe DDP, and I have a reservation for breakfast at TAF at 10.30am. Because I’m on the DDP it’s basically “free”. I could cancel it or try to reschedule for another day. Is the breakfast included with EMM worth staying for?

I need to work at your job.

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You’d be amazed by what a money-saver having no children is.

I’m doing EMM TSL on my upcoming trip as well and really appreciated reading this review because it gave a lot of references to times and how long it takes to ride the rides, etc. If you have a 7 AM time, it’s because they want you to eat from 7-7:30, so the rides won’t be opening up until around 7:25. Based on that, I would suggest arriving at 7:25. (skip over all the food stuff in the link below)

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The breakfast was underwhelming. Sufficient, sure. But if your 10:30 breakfast is more than mediocre (what is TAF?) I’d skip the EMM one. Although as I’m typing this I’m remembering that our breakfast was at The Commissary not Backlot…i dont know if the menu changed.

Skipping breakfast would allow you to just RD all of the remaining rides at HS after EMM and utilize your FPs in another park.

Oh TAF = Trattoria?? I’d skip EMM breakfast then.

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Yeah, the character breakfast during which I get to hug Flynn Rider in a non-creepy way.


I’ve never tried it but I’d imagine it’s just as good as Backlot and you get fun character interaction. Although, you have an issue with face characters, yes?

We have TAF booked for our upcoming July trip! I’m excited to try it.

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I might make an exception in this case. But I think the food is likely to be way better.

The only thing that’s giving me pause is that the plan is awkwardly to return to HS after breakfast. It feels sub-optimal to go “all that way” for breakfast. But maybe I’ll appreciate the walk / boat ride.

Maybe you will.

How much time are you spending in HS that day? I have our TAF ADR after an HS EMM also but not until 11:20. So, I’m planning on hitting a few things after EMM and then being done in HS for the day.

That was a very interesting read — thanks. It confirms in my mind that RDing HS is a non-starter for me and that, therefore, EMM is probably the correct decision. If I’m not wasting time eating, then I should get decent ride action in. I might try for Woody at the end just before the rope-drop people arrive. Obviously TSL will be a write-off once they’re there, so I’ll want to leave anyway. Do the M&G with Woody and head off.

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TaF has an awesome breakfast; I wouldn’t forego it on any account. It was the best breakfast I had in WDW.


Good to know!

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