Toy Story - Do you get dizzy?

Does Toy Story at Hollywood Studios spin in circles? I am prone to motion sickness so I am wondering if I should skip this one.

How many fit in a car? Would DH be able to ride with both kids (5 and 2)?

You can fit 3 but then only two would be playing. There are some slight partial spins but nothing like the tea cups. I think most people would be fine. I don’t get dizzy at all.

Yes, I was thinking full 360 spinning! I think a partial spin here and there will be fine, but anything that goes in a full blown circle will get me dizzy :slight_smile:

I bet you will be just fine. It’s such a fun ride :grin: one of my favorites!

I have problems with spinning rides and TSMM doesn’t affect me at all. It’s very minimal, just a small amount during transitions.

I had to close my eyes a few times. And the screen would get a little blurry. I have perfect 20/20 vision with my contacts. My entire party decided we don’t need to ever ride it again. We’re not video game people.

It’s really more like they swing you around a corner and then you stop at the next station and play the game. Then you move over one station and play again. Then they’ll swing you around another corner to a game station. So it’s not like you’re constantly moving and spinning at all. The swing around the corner might disorient you, shouldn’t make you sick.

Thanks folks!

Just so you know, you’ll have an opportunity to observe the way the ride spins before you board. As we approached, the line swung past those people boarding and you could see the first couple of turns the ride takes. It was enough to scare me away. Of course, I may have been full of Tonga Toast at the time…and afraid of being sick on the ride. :confused: So, I played it safe and took the “chicken exit” and waited for my family at the end. It was very easy, I just told the CM at boarding that I wouldn’t be riding.

I was suffering from vertigo a couple of trips ago. I just shut my eyes as we went around the corners. You don’t spin 360 it was enough to prevent “symptoms”.

I rode it the other night and I used to have issues with the spinning motion but now it seems really bumpy and jerky and I didn’t have any dizziness issues.

My husband easily gets dizzy, but not on this ride. I also don’t get dizzy. It’s my favorite ride at Disney Hollywood. You want to plan for 2 in each car.

The cars are two sided, so two on each side, I meant.