Toy Story Character meets

About how long does it take to meet Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Bo Peep in TSL?

This is pasted from EasyWDW. I think his stuff is pretty solid.

Characters : The Woody and friends meet in Toy Story Land is the highest priority with a 30+ minute wait that develops almost instantaneously after they appear at park open. Try to visit immediately after riding Slinky Dog Dash in the morning or as late in the evening as possible. Other characters in Toy Story Land see 20 minute waits


I happened to walk into TSL on a busy day during Thanksgiving week around 10 pm when Woody and friends were just getting back from a break. I think we waited about 15 min. The people working with Woody and Bo Peep, who were greeting as a pair, were telling someone that earlier in the day they had a 2 hr wait.

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When I was there the week before Thanksgiving, the line for Woody and Bo meeting together was always the longest. Jesse and Buzz had met by themselves and their line was always shorter. We did not meet them, but agree with the above that later on in the night, the line was less. It was just hit and miss, but Woody and Bo could have easily been a 2 hour wait during the middle of day.

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Just a reminder that Buzz meets in Tomorrowland with much shorter waits.