Town Square Mickey M&G during AM EMH

This goes against all things taught by Liners but has anyone rope dropped Town Square Mickey (and Minnie for now) as well as Tink during EMH? I can’t find anything on google that says if bands are scanned. I did check the park hours for today and it was showing as available during EMH 8am-9am. I have two mornings at MK planned (one hopefully to include EMM) so i was thinking of rope dropping Mickey, Minnie and Tink. Then heading to TL. Then rope dropping Merida around 9 then over to AL and Frontierland on the first day. Then on the EMM day we would do Fantasyland and anything else we wanted to do again maybe. Both days happen to be party days and est CL is a 1.

I just can’t find any good information to show if it’s feasible. If it is indeed open which it looks like it is, then the biggest question is are magic bands scanned (assuming yes) and how quickly to get through it and through main street to Tomorrowland.

Thanks in advance for any information from anyone that has done this recently!

Your bands are scanned before you enter the park. Then you can proceed to the M&G and then to Tomorrow land or wherever else you want to go.

Isn’t everyone allowed on Main Street at the same time since they changed the opening procedures, why would they scanbands at the gate if so?

Only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland are open for EMH, the Mickey/Tink meets aren’t.

They are both showing as open for today’s EMH on the Disney website. (link below) even though on @missoverexcited linked page it doesn’t show as open. Mom’s Panel says closed, with a link that clearly says it’s open (below). TP says it’s open as well as letting me add to my plan. So much conflicting information. I don’t want to FP it in the event we end up leaving the park earlier or aren’t near there to minimize walk time. I just wish I could get some accurate information from somewhere but it looks like I am just going to have to attempt it and have an alternate plan if it’s not open. We will be there the last weekend of the special 2019 events, so maybe it’s only open for that but TP let me add it so they are getting their info from somewhere.

I’ve never heard of it being open for EMH but I guess it could be just for Mickey and Minnie in the birthday outfits.

that’s kind of what I am thinking also. maybe someone will have posted something in a few months about it. I am going to keep it in my plan for now and will attempt it. Worse thing that happens I am a few minutes late for Buzz. Thankfully don’'t need to ride Space this trip!

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My optimized tp is actually telling me to do this first for EMH. I thought, REALLY???

I know right?!

So I asked in a facebook group and someone responded that magicbands were scanned inside before joining the line during EMH. She reported that Mickey and Minnie were open, she didn’t go in but she did meet Tinkerbell during EMH.
Unless I decided to do the Family Magic Tour which sounds like it ends with a M&G with mickey, I am going to try it first thing during EMH.

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