Towers of Terror

Hi - we’re thinking of riding ToT during this visit with my DD7 and DD9. I realise this is a difficult question to quantify but just how scary is it ? Both girls love Splash Mountain for instance - is that a good benchmark ?

Does FP mean you skip the queue and miss out on the theming ? That would seem a shame ??

Hi there, I would not consider Splash Mountain a good benchmark unfortunately! Tower of Terror can be scary! Splash pretty much has a bright and upbeat theme except for maybe the ascent up the hill. ToT is dark and gloomy the whole time and even the cast members are a little bit eerie. The preshow starts with the do-do-do-do music/intro and has a similar feel to the stretching room at the Haunted Mansion. Then you walk through the basement to the dark elevators. Once on the elevator there is even more spooky show as the elevator seems to go off the rails. The ride itself is also much more of a thrill ride. I would almost consider it more intense than some of the roller coasters although I’m sure there are other opinions.

You would definitely know your daughters best. There is a “chicken exit” elevator if they want to skip the ride after doing the pre-show and the line. I believe FastPass+ goes through the majority of the same queue (you can just walk through faster) so you don’t miss much. Is there a local amusement park that has one of these types of rides to see if they enjoy the ride style? I love ToT, but my sister would take even the scariest roller coaster over this free-fall type of ride so I think there is some personal preference.


Its a toughie! I know some people who are roller coaster fans that are a little scared of this one…then again my mom (who wouldnt go on a roller coaster if you payed her $1million) LOVES this ride! When I took my niece and nephew who are 6 & 9 I just went for it…they both were kinda scared, but after they went on it once…they wanted to go right back on. Telling them that even their grandma and grandpa have been on the ride multiple times seemed to squash their fear!!

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I just love ToT but honestly Splash really isn’t a good bench mark. I consider the theming more like HM where it’s dark and a little scary to some but not over the top scary so if they like HM they’d probably do well with the first part of it. The ride itself can’t really be compared to anything else…As @melcort10 said it’s more of a thrill ride. Speaking as someone who took years to build up the courage to ride it and only did so because my DS dared me to… the ride was far less scary than I had ever imagined and after riding once… it became one of my favorite rides! My DD won’t even consider going on but she’s always scared to try anything new. My DS will ride anything and not look back. At 6 he went on everything and loved it. Hands in the air… front row… couldn’t get enough. So it all depends on how you and your children do with rides. Good luck! :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles: :sparkle:

Thanks all - I actually think the theming might be more of an issue than the ride itself. I guess we will give it a go - and no doubt exit through the “chicken door” with kids screaming !

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I’ll pass on answering the “how scary is it” because it is all so subjective, but will say that you will get to see all of the queue theming with an FPP; you just won’t have to stand around in it for as long.

we took our kids at earlier ages on it. If they like splash they will probably like TOT. Just keep reminding them “no one dies on a a ride at WDW - if they did - WDW wouldn’t be able to get money from them” Daughter (3 at the time) said "I don’t need to go on that again. So she was done.