Tower of Tower Refurb

I’ve read reports that Tower of Terror is at limited capacity while a partial reburb is going on.

  1. Does anyone know when this is scheduled to end?
  2. I am creating a touring plan for early August. Does the wait time for Tower of Terror take into account the inflated wait times due to this refurb?

Thanks for your help.

They’re only using the one elevator for the ride at the moment, which is why FPs are much harder to get and wait times are higher. I think the TPs must be taking it into account.

The refurb is likely to last for most of the rest of the year.

Thanks. I guess I think it IS NOT included in the touring plans, because my plan is saying a 16 minutes wait at 10:30 am, and what I’ve seen recently is more like 45 minutes.

@len do you know if the refurb is being taken into account in plan timings? I’ve got pretty short waits in my plans too.

Hum … another unwanted wrinkle in the SWGE debacle