Tower of Terror

My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary after dropping DD at college (officially making us empty nesters). He has requested we do Tower of Terror. This is one of 3 rides I haven’t done because I am petrified (Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Space Mountain and Tower of Terror).

Can anyone tell me what its like?


after a preshow, you go down, and then up. and then down. and then up. and then down.

You’re with about 20 other people and strapped in. If you feel you need a little bit more security, as for a seat next to the walls.

Kat - I’m a bit of a wimp about “scary” rides and so I approached ToT with a HUGE amount of trepidation (this was at least ten years ago, on my honeymoon). The buildup from the queue and everything had me soooo scared, and I was a hair from chickening out. I did it anyway though, and absolutely LOVED it. I got back on and rode I think three more times. Once I got past the anticipation thing, it was totally fun, and not at all as scary as a coaster. Whether you do it or not, hope you have an awesome trip & congrats on 10 years!! (I remember being unimpressed by RnR and wishing I hadn’t done Space Mountain - it was scary and whiplash-y.)

DS8 (was 7 then) is scared of everything. Including the ladybugs that live between his screen and the glass window. He loved it…we probably went on it about 10 times. One of my faves!!

My son taught me to love ToT. I was always so tense, holding on for dear life. I always loved the build up, the queue is amazing, and as an over 50 Disney crazy, I actually used to watch the Twilight Zone! My son taught me that the drops are like a roller coaster drop ( you know when you put your arms up?) . That is why many people put their arms up (and it can upset people if you are in front)- blocking photo).