Tower of Terror - refurbishment possibly finished

The ToT is too scary a theme. I can’t handle the suspense and the falls. The par-tay and the falls are more my style. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Haven’t been to DLR. (going Sept. 2020!!)

I’ve heard that Mission Breakout has a different queue / story at night. True? Also, I’ve heard it plays about 5 different songs, so you may get a different one each ride? (like RnR)

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Yes. It has five different songs. I think I got to see four of them. I didn’t notice that the ride was different at night.

It’s my favorite ride in the history of my whole entire life.

No joke. I feel the same about the Orlando ToT. I fell in love with how “frozen in time” the lobby and courtyard were on my first trip. Plus, that moment when the bright line appears as you “cross into the Twilight Zone” before the first drop… omg… love… love it…


They weren’t both open yesterday though. Back to only one side and 130 posted standby time when we used our FP at around 10.30.


Blasphemy!!! :wink:

But seriously, I would cry. TOT is literally one of my favorite rides and, in my opinion, one of the best examples of Disney imagineering at its finest.

I think I read somewhere that the GOTG conversion would be far less likely in WDW also because the ride is WDW is much more elaborate than it was in DL.

I do want to ride the refurb in DL, though. Videos look super fun! And maybe I’ll hyperventilate less :joy:


Looked like things were back to normal yesterday–


Looks like the 2022 ToT refurb might have finished up–


For those (like me) who don’t have the wait time legend memorized:

  • Blue Solid is Forecasted Posted
  • Blue Dashed is Average Wait Time We Predicted
  • Red Solid is Same Day Forecast
  • Red Dashed is Average Wait Time We Saw
  • Green Dot is Measured Wait Time
  • Black Dot is Disney’s Posted Wait

Seemingly very good news that the Tower is back running at full capacity though…


Good catch, it sure looks that way.

Thanks, to be clear this is the Submitted Actual Standby Wait Time from users on the Lines app.

So do we think the wait times in my TPs for the week of 9/10 are reflecting the in-refurb expected wait? It’s predicting 55 minutes on a CL2 Tuesday, which seemed a little high.