Tower of Terror - refurbishment possibly finished

There are reports that both shafts of ToT were open yesterday, for a short time anyway.

That means that the refurbishment is presumably just about finished. So there could be a new release of FPs coming soon.

Might be of use, especially to anyone going this month before the new tiers come into play. You might pick one up at a better time etc.


Thanks! I would love to modify my FP!

Thanks so much for this information! It was my husband’s top ride choice but we couldn’t get a fast pass. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for sure.

Thank you for the update!

They better be done soon with what’s coming in a couple weeks!

I can confirm they were both open when we rode yesterday - once before lunch and once at 5.30.


They were running both this morning.


This is very happy news for me indeed! :smiley:

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Posted and predicted wait times seemed high for predicted crowd level (5) and both running. What were your waits like today?
I do see that the standby graph is showing a downward trend now which I have not seen recently. I am really happy about this

We waited 30 mins yesterday standby - the 2nd ride was with FP. I think it was about 12.30ish.


Posted was 90, the actual wasit was less than 60.

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What time were you there?

That is super exciting. I haven’t been able to modify my FPPs yet (I’m hoping to move 2 RnRC to ToT on August 22 – DS7 won’t ride either so DH and DS11 can use his and my bands, and I’ll RS if I get brave) but now I’m checking more often with more hope. I’ll post if/when it works.


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Saw this posted today…


Yay!!! I’m going next week and the 15th will be our HS day. I do have FPP for TOT, but it’s my favorite and I’d like to get a second ride in. Here’s to hoping for small SB lines or maybe a SDFPP!!


Awesome! Sure looks all of the shafts came on line Friday evening

…and stayed available through the weekend…

Now I just need Primeval Whirl to come back on line next week.

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Yes! I’ve never been on it, and I was looking forward to tempting the fates of the Primeval Hurl gods lol
Guess that just means we’ll have to come back!

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I’m sad that they “refurbished” it and it doesn’t look like this now:

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I’m glad we have both! I get two IPs to enjoy while doing my favorite style of ride.