Tower of Terror out of fastpasses?


Just curious if it’s typical a little more than 30 days out for Tower of Terror to be out of FP? I’ve never seen that before and it makes me a little nervous about crowds for our trip.


I’ve heard that half the ride is down for scheduled refurbishment. So they are running at half-capacity and decreased the amount of FPs available.

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Thanks! That’s good to know. Makes much more sense now.

They only had evening times at 60+1 days, so it is making a big difference!

Morning can confirm that ToT is at half capacity only 2 of the 4 elevators are running and so that is affecting queues and also I guess FP availability. We rope dropped RnR one day (well my husband did I can’t cope with that one lol) then went to ToT and I would say our wait was under 10 minutes to get into the library think posted wait was more like 20. Almost people head to Toy Story land it’s not too much of a struggle to get to either of those rides fist thing and I imagine if we had skipped RnR wait would have been less for ToT. B


Thank you all for your responses. I was so confused as to why ToT had no FP. I guess we’ll be there at rope drop.

Yes, we were at HS on May 7 and ToT was only running one side not two. We had no problem getting FPPs at 60 days out but couldn’t get another one when in park after our 3rd FP was used.

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ToT has been harder to get Fastpasses for since the opening of Toy Story Land and the subsequent re-tiering of rides. The refurb doesn’t help, but it’s definitely possible to get day-of Fastpasses still. We got three with a return time of about 10 minutes later (early afternoon) on our most recent trip, about two weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Did you use the “drop” times?

Nope. DD just said she wanted to ride it again, so I got on the case and found some within five minutes.This was around 1pm, because we left straight after.

I think they are restricting FPPs because of the maintenance.

I got given an anytime FPP for HS from WDW HQ after I complained about something. As you might imagine, it doesn’t include TSL rides. But it also doesn’t include TOT. (Which makes it almost entirely useless!) It does include RNR.

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