Tower of Terror closing in Disney Land

Tower of Terror is closing at California Adventure in Disneyland this January to make way for a Marvel themed ride in the same building. Not sure if it had anything to do with IP or Trademark rights. Does anyone know if this is also happening in DHS?
As I live an hour away from Disneyland, definitely driving down for the going away party. I am sad. Such an amazing ride.

It’s my understand its a re branding rather than a replacement. I could wrong though.

There are no current plans for this at WDW. Marvel and Disney gets really sticky east of the Mississippi. Because Marval sold the theme park rights to Universal they have exclusive rights for this stuff on the east coast. I believe it only applies to characters that were around at the time but I’m not sure about all the minute details. Unless Universal decides to give up on Marvel characters you’ll likely see very little presence at WDW.

It is a re branding. They will be using the same ride mechanisms. Disney is doing a Marvel themed area in California Adventure so that is the tie in.

What I’ve read: There are no plans to change ToT at DHS. For one, there’s the Marvel-Universal thing @Outer1 alluded to. Secondly, my understanding is that the theming of the ride (particularly the queue) in Florida is much better the version in Anaheim, and some were not as enthusiastic about the theme out West.

I’m parroting things I’ve read. I have no knowledge, and no direct experience of the Disneyland version, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Disneyland only.

Rumors are that Energy in EP is going to be either demolished or heavily reworked into a Guardians of the galaxy themed attraction. It will probably be a “thrill” ride, possibly a coaster.

Just to add a little to this- there are reports that Disney has already started to dismantle the outside (including taking the sign down). It seems a little weird.

I believe the reasoning is so that they can get a head start and make sure they have no delays to get Mission: Breakout open on time this coming summer. Although this is more of an overlay, from what Disney has shown, this will be pretty extensive so they will need all of the 6-8 months to redo the inside. I’ll honestly still be very surprised if they can knock out something worth while in that amount of time.

Speaking on the reasoning, Disney likes to use it’s own IP now days as it’s obviously much cheaper and Marvel seemed like the obvious choice but as others have pointed out, that gets a little dicey at WDW. ToT is a HUGE draw at HS so I don’t see it going anywhere, whereas, ToT in CA doesn’t draw the same crowds and never has. Again, this is due (as capn_ed pointed out) to the fact that the immersive theming just wasn’t there. It was lacking the massive queue area and the 5th dimension that you get on the Florida version.

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I am looking forward to the ToT in HS. I love the ride out here, and if it is more immersive in WDW all the better.

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The HS version is markedly better.

Having been on both the California Adventure TOT and the one at the studios, I have to agree, the original at DHS is better themed and the 5th dimension part. Is part of what really helps you be immersed in the ride.