Touringplans Railroad settings

When I add a railroad stop in a touring plan (MK or AK really), are the times and walking distances assuming that I am just taking the train to its next stop?

Stated differently, is the time associated with riding it and the subsequent walk to the next step in a plan assuming that I ride it full-circle back to the same station, or is the timing to the next station and walk based from the next station?

For example, if I have the WDRR (Fantasyland station) entered, and want to take it to Frontierland to go to Tom Sawyer Island, do I need to add the Main Street Station between the fantasyland station and Tom Sawyer Island to get everything to measure right? Will this order assume that I’m being dropped off at the Frontierland station? If not, what do I need to do?

I’d like to know this too. Mine showed 20 minutes, but I wasn’t sure if that was the whole loop. Also, I’d like to know if the train runs clockwise or counter-clockwise. Thanks!

Hi ! I asked this question not long ago in Chat. The 20 minutes the tp allots for the train is assuming a round-trip. It is approximately 6 minutes between each stop, plus the few minutes you have to wait for the train to arrive in the first place. The train runs clockwise. Front Gate —> Frontierland —> Fantasyland. Hope that helps ! :smile:


@rcbarker - if you board the train at Fantasyland, you will have to stay on at the Front Gate, and exit at Frontierland. I would leave the 20 minutes in your touring plan to allow for that ride.

Then put TSI on your plan right after the train…it may add 10 minutes of walking time to get there…if not, what I do sometimes is add a “break” for 0 minutes, which actually adds 10 minutes to the tp for “walking time”. Should work out about right with time to spare. :wink:

Are there any circumstances that allow you to get off of a train at the Main Street station? (Such as getting on at Frontierland?) Is main street station exclusively a loading and no-unloading station?

Oh, yes ! You can get on and off at every station. :smile:

OK, that makes more sense… the above quote confused me.

Haha…sorry…Monday morning. :blush:

Ok, so to be clear, it also works this way for AK? That seems like a flaw. The only way to get to Rafiki’s is by the train. If I put in Kilmanjaro Safaris followed by Affection station at Rafiki’s, does the software just assume the train ride?

If not, it probably all shakes out once you go into and then back out of Rafiki’s if you include one instance of the train ride in there, but it just seems odd.

I haven’t ever put the train on my AK tp, so I am assuming it does work the same. The tp doesn’t seem to be really accurate when it comes to trains !! Just to be safe, I would build in some time - and if you end up ahead of schedule, then that’s awesome. :smiley:

Thanks @Jayzeeduck You helped me a bunch!

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ok, thanks!

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