Touringplans Newb questions


Hi all… new to the forum here and couldn’t manage to figure out the search criteria to find the answers to a couple of questions I have regarding Touringplans.

  1. Fastpasses can basically be used from 15 minutes before the arrival time until 15 minutes after the end time. so a 10 AM fastpass is valid from 9:45 AM until 11:15 AM. I think I already know the answer to this, but I guess there’s no way to get touringplans to account for this full window of time in the optimize or evaluate functions?

  2. I am an early riser and arrive at the park about 30 minutes early, and I use the early EMH whenever available. My touringplan inevitably has me arriving to my first ride a good bit later than I actually imagine I’ll be there. For instance, on my Epcot day, I have Soaring slated first, and touring plans doesn’t have my arriving until around 8:20. Now, I’m quite sure I know the literal reason… the plan has me at the front gate at 8AM, and I set my walking speed to very relaxed. The only problem with that is that this isn’t really the reality for the first ride of the day. I’ll be there early and in the park as soon as they let me in, and we won’t dilly-dally getting to the first ride. any suggestions?


Edit: I stand corrected… 5 minutes before to 15 minutes after for the Fastpasses. Good to know!

  1. FPs are actually valid 5 minutes early and 15 minutes late. And this will be based on the clock in the reader, so be careful - if your phone is 2 minutes slow you could be in trouble.

The Optimiser does sometimes use that leeway in plans.

  1. For EMH that’s slightly tricky. For normal park opening I think the standard practice is to put a break in the plan first thing for a PPO breakfast which lets the plan “know” you will already be there. You could try an 8am break first in the plan and see what happens.


Thanks… happy to have my mistake corrected as well. Can’t plan something if you don’t have the right info to go on!


Oh. I don’t know about that. I mean, you can plan all you want. Of course, the plan might end up rather meaningless, but you can still plan!

(We did so, in fact. Planned an entire 2-week vacation across country to California and back under the assumption we’d be able to afford it. That wasn’t the right info. The right info was we COULDN’T afford it. Didn’t stop us from planning, though!)

(And just as a welcome to you as someone new, MOST of the time, my sarcasm runs thick. Hard to take me seriously. Just ask anyone!)


Welcome! I see you received some great answers here but I wanted to jump in to say: if you can’t find something here, just ask! Or tag one of us ( just put @ in front of our user names.


Welcome to the forum @rch2101 !!!




Hah… I was thinking the same thing as I was typing that!


I did a two week trip to the Grand Canyon. Flew into Vegas and drove around the Grand Canyon visiting National Parks National Park AP saved money. Stayed at Best Western and most have free breakfast. I had three pages of notes. Agenda reservation numbers, venue phone numbers and hours. My first trip to Disney wad with my parents in summer 1972. I took son on 2001 for first trip and got a Birmbaums book.


Someone gave me that book for my first trip in 2005. I also bought it for my son’s girlfriend before her first trip. I love my UG, but I think it can be a little overwhelming before your first trip. Maps are great, but the color pictures ( like the color companion) are a little easier.


My parents planned trips. I liked reading AAA state guidebooks


Angela did a vlog a little while ago in the Magic Kingdom. She suggested your first step on the touring plan is not actually there. Do your rope drop ride, then start with step 1 of the plan. So for her she rope dropped Mine Train, then started with Step 1 by around 9:25am. You can evaluate or optimize in the park as you go as well.