TouringPlans has us on 7DMT before the park opens?

So the day we are going to MK, there is an extra magic hour, so the park opens at 8. We have a dining reservation at Cinderella’s Castle at 8:05. When I make my Touring Plan, it keeps putting in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at 7:59.

  1. Yes, I know we should have planned the EMH day a little better to take advantage, too late now.
  2. I know we can enter the park early for our reservation. How early will they let us in?
    So my question is, will we be able to ride SDMT prior to 8 and our reservation? Or should I just ignore the Touring Plan and head straight to the Castle?


This sounds quite odd - can you “publish” your plan and share the link here?

This is really strange - I don’t understand why it has you going to 7DMT before park opening. You should e-mail, explaining the issue and giving them the plan URL. They should be able to sort things out.

Thanks, I was working on a plan for my sister, and it was doing the same thing.

I have ridden 7DMT before the official park opening time. After eating at BoG in November, I got in line with a group of friends at 8:45 AM on a day when the park opened at 9:00. I don’t know if that’s the logic your plan is using or a mistake and I don’t know if 7DMT opens early on days when the MK opens earlier than 9:00, but it is at least possible to ride prior to the published opening time.

To address what I think is your question, if the park opens at 8:00 AM and I had a dining reservation for 8:05, then I’d plan to ride 7DMT (or Peter Pan or another short nearby attraction that has long lines later in the day) before I went to breakfast. Ideally, I’d get into the park ahead of the rest of the crowds because of my ADR, but even if not, then I’d be willing to arrive later for my ADR to save time later in the day.

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First are you a University of Dayton Flyer Fan? If so, I will take your information more seriously :wink: 7DMT is close to the castle, so it sure would be nice to scoot over there a few minutes before 8 and ride before breakfast. I just couldn’t figure out why my touring plan (and my sister’s) kept putting it in there prior to the park being open. I guess we can try, all they can say is no, right?!

[quote=“Cobey, post:9, topic:21901”]
First are you a University of Dayton Flyer Fan[/quote]

Sorry, but not those Flyers! (nothing against Dayton, though, and their band was always entertaining when I used to attend the Atlantic 10 basketball tournament)

There is always room for one more UD Flyer fan!

If anyone is interested, here is the answer I got from the Web Master:

Thanks for contacting us! Although it might be possible (assuming you are at the front of the pack heading to Mine Train at opening and that Disney doesn’t mind your showing up a bit late for breakfast), I wouldn’t want the stress of rushing around and riding before my breakfast.

If you want the plan not to include anything before breakfast, try setting the meal time to 7:45 am with a duration of 105 minutes (which still has you finish at 9:30 AM). That should work better. Or you can just delete the meal from the plan and set the plan to start 9:15 AM or so.

Hmm - that still does not answer the question of why it had you riding 7DMT before the park opened.