TouringPlans featured in Popular Science


Pretty cool!


“less than the price of a giant turkey leg and a Dole Whip.” - @len - that should be the new TP tag line!


Re: Lines app… “We spent a lot of time making that thing ugly!” :smiley:


Damn! You beat me to posting that one. :smiley:


This is a great read!!!


Thank you all. It was a fun interview to do, and Carlye is a Disneyland fan herself. That made it even better.


@len, I applaud your decision to keep Lines “ugly”. As an app developer myself, I understand the reasons you did so, and as a user I fully appreciate those reasons. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just useful and fast!


Keep it ugly, I use it all day long in The World, Great read thanks @len for all your dedication and hard work and for giving a forum to so many Disney nerds.


Great interview! It’s awesome when you develop a great product AND sound awesome talking about it. :smiley:


The ‘science of lines’ was around even when I was a kid (60s-70s). I remember many times, discussing with the family, how Disney had obviously put a lot of research into line management. It’s good that TOURPLANS has used that science to help us out (the consumer). Keep it up! I know that my vacations at WDW have been incredibly enjoyable because of TP.


I can’t read it :slightly_frowning_face:

I can only access the Australian site (even the link redirected to the au home page) and it’s not in their system.

That’s a shame.