Touringplans don't do rope drop yet, correct?

I assume eventually touringplans will have rope drop added to them? But for now, if you plan to do rope drop…how do you modify the touringplan to reflect that?
for example…I have a fastpass for seven dwarfs and big thunder…it says I should do buzz light year at 9:08 first thing in the morning…
Would I have time to rope drop something before then?
If not…should I move that time for buzz back a bit…like 10-15 minutes?

It does rope drop. It calculates your time from taps to attraction though. You can fix that by placing a break at the time ofnpark opening or 1 minute after at a location near to your first attraction.

when you say it calculates rope drop, can you for instance, tell touringplans you want to ride Navi River at 8:50…(assuming the park opens at 9am)?
From what I hear…thats what happens…they let people on early…
but I don’t think touringplans lets you do that. It will allow you to set navi river ride first…which would assume you walk from gate to navi river at 9am…

Ah. No. You can’t do things outside of official times.

For that you just need us :wink:

hopefully they’ll add that feature one day. I think they talked about adding it in the future on the podcasts/youtube channel.

I’m not sure how they would though. It is somewhat variable

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arent they in the business of calculating variables?
: P

Yes but variables that are more predictable than the whims of the lead CMs who decide when to drop the rope on a given day.

It’s possible their algorithm could account for this but it just feels less reliable data than more predictable things like published park hours.

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Also, the rope drop success is very highly dependent upon the guest’s ability to do it “just so”. Arrive a few minutes late or zig a smidge later than you should have and your plan is toast

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but as it stands now…it doesn’t take any of it into account…so your plan is already thrown off.

Not if you plan “off the grid” and lean on us, and follow the directions precisely.

Although I suppose if we can tell you a fair approximation of how your timing should work out a computer program could probably do the same. It just would require a huge disclaimer about following the directions To. The. Letter.

quick question…how long do you normally give yourself for sit down meals? for example…family of 5 (3 kids ages 8-13) at sci fi theater at around 1pm? 60 minutes…70 minutes? Or am I kidding myself…more like 90 minutes?

30 for QS
60 for usual TS
90 for character TS or signature


TS with any dietary restriction, tack on an extra 30 minutes…


For RD on my plans, I followed the suggestion of another liner and starting my official TP later.

Ex: I am planning to RD FOP. So I know what I’m doing pre TP starting. My official schedule does not include FOP. Instead, I started the plan at 9:30 (on a 9 opening) to be safe. I’m pretty confident, having done it before, that that will work for me. I will RD FOP and then reset the time and evaluate if needed.

I am handling a PPO BOG and ride on 7DMT similarly.

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These are good starts but for QS mobile order or you could spend 30 min in line to order at certain times of the day. TS that is when you finally get seated sometimes you still have to wait to be seated CRT, Ohana, and TH are a few that come to mind. I would not want to plan a “must do” right before or right after a meal in case times go long (or plan in extra time). I like to take my time eating. Meal time is our break time, instead of going back to room or pool we plan extra time in the restaurant.

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As a wishlist item for TP, it would be awesome if it had the ability to access your MDE plans and automatically import you FP and ADRs, planned shows etc. many websites do this. In particular I’m thinking something similar to Fantasy Football sites that login to you ESPN, yahoo, CBS accounts and consolidate to one site and offer suggestions on each.

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If MDE worked properly, that would be great.

They would also need access to MDEs APIs, so that’s unlikely a thing that will happen unless Disney allows that kinda control.


Geeze. Everyone woke up so literal in 2019. It was a wish. Since when are wishes easy or even earthly possible?