Touringplans custom plan vs. trying to get fastpasses first?

I will be at Disneyland next week, 10/17 and 10/18. I have used the touringplans custom planner to make a custom plan for both days, and I notice that it has us going to fastpass stations throughout the day. I have read in other articles that it is best to try to get to the fastpasses as soon as possible? Is it correct that we can only have one fastpass at once, so you need to use that fastpass before you can get another for another ride?

Thanks for any advice, I’m a newbie and having planning questions, the Halloween party really caught me off guard, since they will be booting everyone with no ticket at 3pm on Monday.

You are correct about the FPs, you can only have one at a time or until 2 hours have passed, whichever comes first. So I would suggest prioritizing which rides you want to go on. With or without the Touring Plans, you will want to get a FP and then go to an attraction or have a snack that doesn’t use FPs. There are some that run out more quickly (such as Space Mtn), so if it is important for you to go on the ride, I would get that FP first.

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You don’t have to leave the park until 6pm, not 3. Enjoy 3 more hours!


Thanks everyone for the info…with the info here I have a better idea of what to do.

Just a follow up that this worked well. We were able to get on all the rides we wanted, just grabbed the fastpasses first and as soon as available throughout the day. The plan I printed from TP was pretty useless, the best thing about it was the simplified map showing where to go. But the TP phone app was much more useful, just had to optimize it during the day to see what was the best next thing to do on our plan. I’m pretty sure the crowds were light when we we there , so that helped.