Website Testing

In the past, some of you were super-helpful in testing out an early test version of our website. We have made some modifications, and we’re ready for additional testing. We’d love your assistance once again.

Our goal (right now) is for the user experience to be the same on the new site. What has changed is behind the scenes and should lead to better performance and stability down the road.

The new desktop site is at:
The new mobile site (Lines) is at

Note that THESE SITES USE LIVE DATA, so anything you change on the “beta” is a real change that also affects what you see on the normal site.

If you notice issues, we have a “Submit Beta Feedback” link at the bottom of every page (see the bottom of this post for screenshots) on the beta site. Please use that to inform us of problems or concerns with the beta site. Or you can go directly to our feedback page at

Note that the Reservation Finder is not yet available on the new site, so there’s no need to tell us about that.

Thanks to those of you who are able help!

Submit Beta Feedback:


The “Submit Beta Feedback” button is missing on my TP pages, but maybe that’s because they are unique to me?

Yes, I submitted an email “contact” since the beta button is not there.

Since there is not a submit button I do not know where to report this. I just tried to go to the website. I started at the homepage and then tried to log in. Usually my dashboard would show up on the home page. This is what opened:

This is not one of my TPs. I do not know where this is coming from.

When I hit the back button- this is where I am:

Editing to add when I went back and hit login again it told me I was logged in and I could navigate to my dashboard.

I see the “Beta Feedback” link in the lower-right corner of your login screen screenshot. You can click on that or just click on: and follow the instructions there.

That screen you’re seeing after login is a demo plan we display as part of our homepage, and it’s only displayed to non-logged-in users. We’ll look into why this is showing up, but clearing your browser cache may help with that.

Thanks for helping us out!

Also, I’ve deduced that folks might look for a “Submit Feedback” button on the mobile version of the beta site. It’s not there. Those links are on the “desktop” site, and I’m sorry for any confusion. So to submit feedback, you can visit the desktop site, or you can go directly to and follow the instructions there.

When it sent me to this page I could not navigate off of it (as I mentioned I discovered I could go back and resubmit and then I navigated out and now see the submit on the very bottom of my dashboard). I appreciate you pointing out where the submit button can and cannot be found!

agree with @PrincipalTinker would only show the page above when logged in and could not navigate off of it

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I’m having a lot of trouble today (Sunday). I’ve never used the website before last week so I have no idea what the old website looked like.

  1. I’m getting problems with the personalized plans I edited yesterday, they endlessly reported “collecting data” or “sending to server” and never finished.
    Now both my Disney World plans give “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.” and I can’t edit anything.

  2. I can’t add my FastPass+ reservations, the “Add Reservation” link doesn’t do anything today, yesterday it let me add the FP+ but then each plan hung up. Somehow the FP+ might be causing the problems.

  3. I can’t delete an unused plan, either from the dashboards or anything. Never saw a delete button, it might be the beta dashboard but not sure.

I bought the WDW and Orlando plans for our trip in a fe weeks, but this weekend just hasn’t let me do anything with my plans at all.

Here’s my links:

Both were set up through, but somehow it’s on Unofficial Guide.

And I forgot #4:

  1. I have a day at Universal Orlando, but that seems to be a different website all together. I’m traveling to WDW and then Universal Studios, why can’t they be on the same dashboard? I’ve subscribed AND paid the add-on, but it’s still separate and can’t figure out how to combine to one itinerary.

Overall the plans seem to be really helpful, I just wanted to get working on them again!

@dzurn thanks for testing the beta site. if you are having problems, ,though please use ( should also work fine at this point, but please do not use it) instead of the beta site.

I believe an issue on the beta site resulted in both plans you listed getting corrupted when you added FastPass+ times. I fixed that and made note of the issue so that we’ll investigate it.

On the dashboard, you can create a separate “trip” for each property you are visiting (e.g., Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World), and you can switch between them in the dashboard by clicking on a trip link in the upper-right corner. You cannot, however, combine Universal Orlando plans and Walt Disney World plans into a single “trip” in our system.

All your plans should be listed in the lower-right part of the dashboard, and there is a delete link by each of them.

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