Feature Request: CBR & Murphy Beds

Any chance Touringplans could add which rooms at CBR have a murphy bed and which don’t?

I’ve got confirmation that not all refurbished queen bed rooms include a pull-down murphy bed, it’s just specific ones that do, so to have a chance at getting them, you either need to book 5 people in a room, or specially request them. The problem I see is the conflict with the room request feature - I may be specifically request rooms that don’t have murphy beds, in conflict with my request to have one, because the site doesn’t indicate which rooms have this feature.

Hi! Just a note that we just stayed in a room with a murphy bed - in building 21 of CBR. Please be advised that the murphy bed is like sleeping on a sack of flour! It is so uncomfortable and just a bit bigger than a toddler bed - really too small for an adult. The last 3 nights the five of us (3 kids and 2 adults) ended up sleeping 3 and 2 in the queen beds because the murphy bed was really uncomfortable. The regular beds were great, however, and we all slept pretty well despite being a bit cramped!

Is this the murphy bed that folds out of the wall? Would it be too small for a 5’3" teenager? We are a family of five staying there later this summer and I am wondering now if I should bring an air mattress? Would an air mattress fit in the room?

I am also wondering how to make sure I request a room with a murphy bed. We are a family of five and I do not want to request my room, only to find out I did not request a room with a murphy bed. Also, the room descriptions say double beds, but my reservation says queen beds. Is it that the web site is not updated with the refurbs?

The room had two queen beds. You might be able to fit a twin air mattress in the room right against the door and the first bed. I am 5’5" and could not lay fully out on the murphy bed - It was probably at least a couple inches too short, including a gap where the pillow went over. The room ended up being fine for us, and perhaps a child would find the murphy bed neat just because not many homes have a bed that folds down from the wall, but even my 4 and 6 year old refused to sleep on it after they each tried it for one night.

We stayed in CBR 2325 last week as a family of five. It was a corner room with a pull down that our 7 yr old slept on. She didn’t complain, but she’s the 3rd child and always rolls with the punches. :wink: She’s about 50 inches tall and is thin, don’t know how much she weighs. I agree with the other poster Ellen, that a twin air mattress might squeeze into the space between the door and the first bed.

Interesting. Tom Bricker, photographer and occasional contributor here on TouringPlans, said the following in a recent review:

I fit on the pull-down bed just fine, but it’s probably best for kids or smaller adults .

Based on the pictures of the bed, Bricker’s comment actually surprised me…it doesn’t look very big. However, my daughter isn’t particularly tall, either.

We’ve not stayed at CBR yet, but have stayed at POR twice. All three of our kids, even our 5’5" teenager, had no problem sleeping in the pull down bed.

Instead of requesting a specific room, maybe change the fax to add your own text and request a building / area + the Murphy bed?

I am also curious about this issue as my fax goes in on Monday morning. I picked a room I felt the best for us but have no clue if it has the murphy bed. I assumed that if it didn’t Disney wouldn’t allow the request to go through since we are a party of 5. Room 4428, bottom floor, corner, and our res is for pool view…

@len should this question of been posted in the more official post? I am interested in the OP question since my fax for same hotel goes out monday morning…

This is a good idea. Let me see what we can find out about them.