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The subscription to is SO worth it. I was sad I couldn’t get a reservation for all 4 of us at the Sci Fi diner since we had started planning our march vacation only just now in January. I tried the experimental feature on this site where it would search for a dining reservation to open up for you. I just put in the date and time and restaurant and my phone number yesterday and it texted me just now that a reservation had become available. I made that reservation and I am so happy. This is a great feature !


My crew just ate at Sci Fi diner and it was fabulous. Food was good and the husband and I loved being able to sit together while the kids filled the two seats in the front of the car. The dining room is dark and I found it to be a very quiet atmosphere even with the movie showing. It was the most peaceful meal we had during the whole trip!

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I will have to try this. Thanks!

The direct link to it is

I got two!! Teddies for my upcoming trip in two weeks. They will be the highlight of our trip. I am beyond grateful