Touring with a Toddler

We’re planning a trip for 2018, either February or May.
At time of travel our kids will be 7, 4 (5 if we go in May), and 19 or 22 months depending on the dates we pick. What is it like to do Disney with a tiny one? What rides can they go on? Will we be able to fit an adult, infant and small child on rides like Toy Story dumbo etc or will someone have to ride alone? I know about rider swap and we traveled last year when my son was almost three. I’m just trying to adjust our expectations to plan a great trip.

There is a lot to do atthe magic kingdom. Its a small world and pirates monsters inc enchanted takes with bell tiki room tta are no problem. Three can squeeze in on peter pan, buzz, haunted mansion, under the sea. Ti name a few.

Oops forgot dumbo magic carpets and astro orbitor. I usually skip thise myself.

There is a lot you can do with a toddler.

I went with a 20 month old. There is a lot of things to do in MK- IaSW, PeopleMover, PP, UtS, Dumbo- even Tiki Birds were favorites. Our 20 month old tended to fall asleep in the stroller walking around WS- not as much to do. HS is the only place to find Disney Junior. I will say that for us AK was the favorite park. There is music, shows, and monkeys in trees!

There are LOTS of things you can do - just plan to do what you would normally do. If you have 2 adults you can always child swap. You will be surprised at what kids will and won’t want to do. Our one kid didn’t want to do a kiddie ride - but couldn’t get her off of space mountain.

Also just know with young ones - you will not be able to go commando style as much - have a plan - but enjoy time with the fountains, duckies, whatever they get interested by.