Touring w/ a scooter or wheelchair

DH just had surgery on his achilles tendon. Although hopefully he will be walking decently by then it will likely not be good enough that the miles a day in Disney are a great idea. So he can stand and walk some, but not long distances like you need to at the parks.

  1. Is scooter better than wheelchair?

  2. We had planned to do EMH a few days (or rope drop if we switch our park days). Will that work with a scooter and/or wheelchair? Any difference? Thinking it is likely to be hard to get on the buses from the hotel with the scooter due to space issues?

  3. Seems like it’s better to rent off site than from Disney - still the consensus?

  4. Staying at POFQ - do the boats to DS allow wheelchairs on?

  5. Anything else we need to know?

I have made TP drafts and am now changing them all to “very relaxed” speed :slight_smile: but am trying to see what else we might need to reconsider with this new mobility challenge in mind.

What’s the time from surgery to the vacation?

Everything I’ve read is scooter is better - the little hills will wear out a pusher a lot more than one would expect.

Surgery was today. Vacation mid April. He’ll be back in normal shoes in 1.5 months but recovering back to normal for several months i’m told.

3 months out will be interesting - he should be able to stand and walk pretty well by then. I’m just not sure he’ll be in DIS walking shape and ready to do 25K steps, although it may be good rehab to be honest. I’d be torn on what to do - a wheelchair/scooter seems like overkill but might be handy when/if he gets tired. Having it selectively available might be best - I guess renting one if parks only if needed might be a strategy early in the trip and see how it goes.

FWIW, I ruptured both my Achilles tendons over the years. Had surgery on one and just cast the other. Both were similar recovery, although the more recent one the Dr. was much more aggressive with physical therapy etc. and I think that one healed much better/faster. Good luck - the early days on the crutches and no contact are the toughest, but it gets better…

A scooter is better than a wheelchair as he will be independent. You’ll have no problem getting to RD or EMH. If the bus is full, they will ring for another, but with only one bus stop at POFQ that never happened to us. Yes it’s better to rent off site, then you’ve got it when going to the bus stop and around the resort. The boats allow scooters on, so I assume wheelchairs are fine. But we never did that, so I can’t tell you any more. Sounds like he will be ok to walk through the few queues that don’t allow scooters, but if not they will give you a wheelchair.

Thanks! very helpful. :slight_smile:

Most boats do not let scooters on, only the real big ones. There are two boats that go from MK to FW only one lets scooters on. The boats that go to and from DS do not and the boat from Polly to MK does not. I will be renting a ECV and was shocked to learn this.

The buses will take the ECV and the users party first before other guests at a bus stop.

If you need a ECV try you can rent a scooter from them for $25 a day and if you rent more then 3 day use coupon code FB10-17 and you will save 10% more.

Sorry to jump in, but thinking about renting park scooter as staying offsite and only need for 2days. How hard is it to get a park scooter and what time do they open?

Front desk at POFQ told us the boats took ECVs, but as I said no experience of this. They do take wheelchairs.

Some googling yielded this link:

It says “should” for the boats to DS. Looking at images there is definitely a handicapped seating area on the boats to DS, but I didn’t see any with an obvious ECV onboard.


No advice on the scooter (other than to definitely get one if he needs it!), but wanted to wish for a speedy recovery! I have had my Achilles tendon lengthened twice and I remember the recovery process just being a pain with the crutches. I hope all goes well!


Remember that if you rent a scooter from outside the parks, there are a few companies that are Disney Featured Providers. You have to use one of these companies if you want to pre-order and have it delivered to your resort. Also, these are the providers that have access to get inside the park to provide assistance, should you need any.

To be more specific, the approved vendors can leave it at Bell Services for you to collect. The others can deliver there but you have to meet them.

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Is there a list somewhere of those approved vendors?

At the bottom of this page. It looks like there are only 4 now, there used to be 5. We used Buena Vista, they were excellent.

I’m not 100% but I think they do

I used Buena Vista scooters in Oct. and they were great. My hint is to be sure that the light on the charger is on when you plug it in at night. I didn’t notice the light and the next day ran out of power! Also, I wished I had practiced a little before I left for Disney. It is a little tight driving onto and parking on the buses and I felt a little self conscious doing it while everyone who was waiting to get on was watching because they load scooters first. The bus drivers will park it if you want.