Touring tells me to go to MK/Fantasyland, people tell me don't

I want to ride Dumbo on a busy (10) crowded day (Thanksgiving Day) at rope drop, and Touring Plan shows this should be the first ride of the day. I’ve read that I should avoid FantasyLand at rope drop because that’s where everyone goes. What should I follow?

Go straight to Dumbo if that’s what you want to ride at rope drop. I’m sure everyone here will agree, it all depends on where you’re at among the rope drop crowd as to how busy Dumbo will be by the time you get to it.


So how early do people show up at rope drop?

It depends. Do you want to be at the front of the stampeding rope drop crowd or in the middle or at the end? An hour to an hour and a half will put you at the front on busy days. Sometimes 45 minutes will suffice. You’re going on Thanksgiving Day so prepare to be there really early.

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I don’t need to be there at rope drop. My first FP is at 10 am. I might ride Dumbo at end of day. :slight_smile:

Here’s the wait chart for Thanksgiving. Looks like Dumbo doable later in evening.

You can move Dumbo toward end of your TP, see what wait time TP will give you say around 8:30.

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This is really helpful. Thank you. Since my FP is at 10 am, I’ll probably arrive early, but we will hang out around Main St. until the first FP ride.