Touring Riviera while on Vacation

I received a email to tour the Riviera during our upcoming vacation. Any ideal how long it will take to tour the 3 brm(that was mentioned), and is there any gratis for touring? Has anyone done this recently?
Thank you

In May 2019, we received 3 anytime FPPs for each adult that took the tour and a $50 Disney Gift Card for all of us to share (we had 4 people total, all adults).

We spent 2 hours doing our tour which was at the SSR preview center. We asked to do the tour that day. We weren’t interested in Riviera at all, we told them this up front. We were staying at OKW when we scheduled the tour. They took us to the preview center at SSR, We spent about 2 hours with our DVC Guide which was our choice. We had lots of questions. We checked out the models for Riviera studios and 1 bedrooms along with the CCV 1 bedroom (they were still selling CCV actively at the time). I think you could do it in 1 hour; we loved asking questions and learning about DVC because we are weirdos so it took us longer.