Touring resorts november

We have some non-park days on our visit mid november. Is there a suggested itinerary? are christmast themed? any scheduled atraction? any logistic suggestion? any other thought? thanks!

Have not been in November, but we are going this year. Here’s what I’ve been told/read you need to see:

The gingerbread house at GF
Gingerbread carousel at Beach club
Toy train at Yacht Club
Wilderness lodge for decorations in general
Trees at Disney Springs
Campsites decorated at Ft. Wilderness (Don’t know if people will decorate in Nov.)

We were there around mid November and the resorts were not decorated. Maybe after F & W is done so it is on at Thanksgiving.

We were there the week before Thanksgiving week and some of the resort decorations started going up while we were there. Thanksgiving is the “official” date when all of the decorations are up.

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