Touring Plans's new relationship with The Shiplife

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Interesting. I’m not a cruiser (going in our first one - Alaska - in June).

TP hasn’t previously really covered cruises outside of Disney, right?

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I thought they did have a relationship with RCI, but I may be mistaken.

Before the pandemic anyway, cruising was increasingly being embraced by my friend circle as a viable vacation option. I think it is brilliant for TP to expand. Disney seems to be moving toward more of a boutique experience and becoming harder to navigate. They also seem like they are harder to predict. Meanwhile, it sounds like this guy on Shiplife has an established product, so TP isn’t starting from the bottom on this.

I just came from an activity with two other moms who are looking at booking cruises as soon as a few things change. It’s cool that I can direct them to TP!


We love shiplife videos!